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beyond the city limits

City Limits is the edge, the place where dirt and brush turn to concrete and culture, where farm meets fashion, and high desert meets high rise. It’s where vines, sun, moon, wind, rain, and a year of seasons find your glass.

City Limits was created to bring the beauty of high-quality Washington wine to your table at an everyday price. We partner with family farms across the state to craft wines that truly tell the story of the vineyard. We invite you to roam with us, beyond the city limits, as we bring our farms to your table.

"City Limits was born out of a personal desire to bring delicious Washington wine to the world at an affordable price point. Washington wine is badass, and we need to spread that gospel." - Morgan Lee, Winemaker



Our winery is located in the Seattle area, and our farmers work and reside hours to the East, on the far side of the Cascade Mountain range. The idea for the name City Limits came from many, many trips to visit our farming partners. There was a sign on the edge of a small farming community. Not a city at all. Really just a small town. Nonetheless, a sign declaring City Limits sat askew at the end of a post for years, and it always brought a smile with its irony. There was no city in this landscape.

“One day it came to me as I drove past this sign after 10 years of time. We (the producers) travel far and wide outside of the City Limits to work with farmers and source fruit to make wine. We then take that produce and create something beautiful, and we present it to the people within the City Limits. We bring the rural land to the urban people in a bottle of wine. Wine was before us. It will be after us. It is not a trend or a fad. Wine is beautiful and it will endure. We bring fruit that is grown beyond the City Limits to people who live within the City Limits to spread the love of Washington Wine.”

-Morgan Lee, Winemaker